The Elementary Laws of Transversal Exchange

G. P. Shpenkov

April 28, 2008


The development of systems of units led to the sad fact that two parameters, current and circulation, characterizing different subfields (longitudinal and transversal, "electric" and "magnetic") of the unit longitudinal-transversal field have obtained the same name - current, although in principle, in their dimensions and physical meaning, they are different. This fact is reflected, in particular, in the erroneous presentation in modern physics, both in form and contents, the elementary laws of electrodynamics (Ampere's and Biot-Savart). The above faults, inherent also in Maxwell's equations, are uncovered in detail in this work in the framework of dialectical physics. The oldest puzzle in physics concerning magnetic charges (so-called "magnetic monopoles") obtains the natural solution herein.

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