The Dependence of Hall Conductance Quanta on the Fundamental Frequency of the Atomic Level

G. P. Shpenkov

June 24, 2009


Dynamic model of elementary particles (DM) has allowed looking at many physical phenomena from a new point of view. This model was developed in the framework of a new philosophical approach to foundations of physics - dialectical. As all-embracing, the dialectical philosophical approach surpasses the formal logic approach with its limited capabilities dominated currently in modern physics. In this paper, the nature of quanta observed in the Hall conductivity is elucidated with use of new fundamental parameters characteristic of the DM and taking into account the shell-nodal model of atoms developed herewith. The primary fundamental parameters of the DM are fundamental frequency of exchange (interaction) on the atomic and subatomic levels, ωe, which is unknown yet fundamental parameter for modern physics, and an elementary quantum of the rate of the exchange, e.

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