Table of Isotopes

We would like to lay stress on the fact that the Table of Isotopes posted here is one of the first graphical versions (along with the Periodic Table) of the simplest solutions of the wave probabilistic equation


in the spherical polar system of coordinates, considered concisely in the paper "The Shell Structure of Matter Spaces". This paper was first posted at the International Conference "50 Years of the Nuclear Shell Model", 3 - 5 June, 1999, Heidelberg, Germany. The details are in the book "Atomic Structure of Matter-Space".

The comprehensive analysis shows that the solutions of the equation enable to predict all possible isotopes, which could be obtained in capture reactions (by the neutron exposure on accelerators). For example, the heaviest isotope of the predicted isotopes of hydrogen is 17. For carbon, solutions yield the isotopes from 18 to 19; for nickel, from 20 to 21, etc. The aforementioned data are in conformity with "The 1995 Update to the Atomic Mass Evaluation".

We propose to have a look at these solutions. They may promote basic and applied research. The use of those along with other ones can serve for the efficient seeking of many isotopes, which were not yet definitely predicted (or evaluated) in the framework of existed theories and still were not found.

Relative Atomic Masses of The Elements