Title: Atomic Structure of Matter-Space
Authors: Leonid G. Kreidik and George P. Shpenkov
Edition: 1st, 2001
Publisher: George Shpenkov
ISBN (hardback): 83-906156-4-9

The structure of matter always is the principal point of natural science. As one of the levels of the Universe, atoms and their internal structure are inseparable from the structure of the Universe on the whole. Accordingly, atoms cannot be considered separately from the general structure of matter, space, and time that is the principal feature of this monograph. A general theory of matter-space-time and of the wave fields of exchange of matter-space and rest-motion are considered on the basis of dialectical philosophy, logic, and mathematics. This theory represents by itself, in essence, a unified field theory because a single set of equations is used here to obtain and predict all characteristics of fundamental interactions.

A considerable part of this book is devoted to the physical metric presented in detail. In particular, a comprehensive analysis of crucial faults of the modern system of units and the substantiation of the unavoidable transition to the new units, are there (see Contents).
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